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I’ve been working as a design professional for more than 20 years, in all kinds of media. Since 1998, my focus has shifted to web design.

But where my passion truly lies is vintage die-cast model racing cars. Collecting them, and putting them in the best light, so to speak. I’m certainly captivated by smooth, untouched exteriors, but I’m also fascinated by the more general aesthetics of a car, created primarily by the wear and tear that many models accumulate over the years. Scratches on the paint, corrosion, rigid tyres – I celebrate the perfection of the imperfect and zero in on inner values. Much of my inspiration is drawn from wabi-sabi, a Japanese approach to aesthetics.

How can I express this beauty visually? Through my chosen medium of photography. And after several years of experimenting, I’ve discovered a way to present these model cars as I picture them in my mind’s eye. By using light and shadow in the right way, almost like a design element, I can keep the focus trained on the model. Shape and design are the only things that matter; there’s no decoration or other details to distract the viewer. The studio atmosphere I create and the angles I shoot from help you feel like you’re standing right next to a real car.

All of the new models on this website are in 1:43 scale. The older, vintage racing cars are some different scales. This is because when die-cast models were first being made there was no common industry standard like there is today.
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