Racing cars

Vintage die-cast models

Racing cars have always been synonymous with the fastest vehicles, the most sophisticated technology, the most courageous drivers and nail-biting neck-and-neck races. They were what children imagined adventure to be – heroes of the track and speeds that made your head spin. That’s why these racing car miniatures of these racecars are such beloved toys, even today. All of a sudden, you were Louis Chiron, Rudolf Caracciola or Stirling Moss, depending on where and when you grew up, not to mention which driver was number one at the time.

This book illustrates the history of die-cast models from the mid-1930s to the end of the 1970s. The cars here weren’t locked away behind glass doors and preserved for prosperity on the shelf. Many of them look back on a long and happy “toy car life”. Feast your eyes on the big names, the quirky, the forgotten. Both untouched and “pre-played”. Each racing car that graces these pages was and still is a treasure. Who knows, maybe you’re about to rediscover one of your own childhood favourites...

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